Jame (harrsch) wrote,

un mas....un mas

i dont think i want an lj anymore. dont really use it. and the majority of the people on it i dont talk to anyway, so why bother reading about each others lives frequently

went hiking today at high point, freaking ridiculous time. found some cool places to explore, nice sights. i love hiking, and we had such a fun time. summer's awesome. last night went to north brunswick to see one of my absolute favorite people ever patty and the always amazing eric, and we went to the festival and fireworks. and, one of the freaking most amazing festivals ever!!! we went for a ride on a monster truck and i screamed so much it was awesome. been hanging with crew girls partying and all once a week or so, so that is making my summer incredible. hung with random school kids down the shore and parties just a little, hopefully more to come. of course seeing town kids and all, some of which i still love, haha. work's decent so far, but it should be a good summer at the lake. and starting tomorrow im working out more, ive slacked so much its gross. but no more driving down to new brunswick to see the trainer, just fdu for me and running around town with some other kids. so...there you have it.

also, totally proud of alex.
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