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only 2 more weeks of swim lessons this session!

First screen name: jockjam13
First self purchased cd: the first britney spears album, 7th grade
First funeral: 6th grade, doe
First piercing/tattoos: ear piercing in kindergarten, tattoo last march
First credit card: capital one
First true love: keep looking
First enemy: hated ashley
First big trip: disney world in 3rd grade
First concert: aerosmith, sophomore year
First musician you remember hearing in your house: james taylor, bruce springsteen, cat stevens, queen, meatloaf, miscellaneous oldies
Last big car ride: yesterday driving from the meadowlands to rutgers
Last kiss: pat on the cheek
Last library book checked out: some politics book ages ago
Last movie seen: muppet christmas carol (the holiday season started at my house, we have to go through ALL the movies and they're all fantastic)
Last beverage drank: water, surprise surprise
Last food consumed: cookies
Last phone call: laura
Last cd played: hootie and the blowfish
Last annoyance: this kid in the second swim lesson
Last soda drank: oh! birch beer tailgating yesterday
Last ice cream eaten: vanilla with pumpkin pie
Last time scolded: last monday by a huge bitch
Last shirt worn: huge blue free tshirt
Last website visited: here
Last relationship: ha

You keep a diary: no
You like to cook: yes
You have a secret you have not shared with anyone: not secret so much as i just dont tell anyone anything, but maybe

Have a crush: meh
Want to get married: yea
Get motion sickness: i cant read in cars, but thats about it
Think you're a health freak: no way
Get along with your parents: yes
Like thunderstorms: hope the power goes out

CURRENT HAIR: shoulder length brown
BIRTHPLACE: morristown, nj

Number: 11 and 7 and pi
Color: pink/orange/green/blue
Day: sunday
Month: november
Songs: too many
Summer Drink: water and rum (not together silly)

Cuddle or make out: both
Cuddling after Chocolate milk or hot chocolate: hot chocolate
Milk, dark or white chocolate: regular milk
Vanilla or chocolate: vanilla

Cried? no
Helped someone? yes
Bought something? no
Gotten sick? no
Gone to the movies? nope
Gone out for dinner? no
Said I love you? no
Written a real letter? nope
Talked to an ex? no
Missed an ex? no
Written in a journal? yes
Had a serious talk? twice
Missed someone? yes
Hugged someone? yes
Fought with your parents? nope
Fought with a friend? nope

Eat a bug: if i was dared to, lol
Bungee jump: i did the bungee swing at 6 flags and never got over it, but maybe. i think its good for me to face my fears, even though it doesnt work out the way i want and i end up more messed up
Lose it: ive got it under control
Kiss someone of the same sex: nah
Have sex with someone of the same sex: nope
Parachute from a plane: same answer as the bungee jump
Walk on hot coals: not too likely
Go out with someone for the looks: hook up with someone, but not date someone. unless it turns out they have more than looks and its all good
Be a vegetarian: i was! 5-9grade. i was so silly. ah to be young and idealistic
Wear plaid with stripes: maybe on clash day
IM a stranger: no
Sing karaoke: just give me a drink
Get drunk off your ass: of course
Shoplift: yes
Run a red light: depends on the situacion
Star in a porn video: not too hardcore, lol
Dye your hair blue: i dyed my front and tips pink, and i forget maybe some other colors, but not blue i dont think. ah to be young and wannabecool
Be on survivor: never saw the show. maybe if they offered me a lot of money, but id have to see what in entails more first
Wear makeup in public: not lately, but yes
Not wear makeup in public: most of the time yes
Cheat on a test: i have
Make someone cry: if im really really really upset
Date someone more that 10 years older than you: maybe if im like 80
Stay up all night: i like to sleep, but again, depends on the situacion

football is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

memorial day is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

ska & punk shows are love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

the shore is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

i thought they were all cool
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