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feeling totally rad

last night i turned from blah to feeling AWESOME. and its still here. today i had my last mw swim lessons, and tomorrow will be my last tth swim classes. one of my kids brought me a buttload of homemade cookies and they're so good. ive been pretty studious lately, which is weird, but its all for a good cause! besides, 3 more days of classes, and one more week before i go home. well, not counting the 22nd. if thats not excitement i dont know what is. plus getting/decorating a tree this weekend at home! but i dont think i can go home until saturday noonish now, but i guess that'll be okay. plus dana might come down friday night to see gavin degraw with me. i still cant really bend my knees, and my back's still sore.

i was listening to my song today, and it made me feel really good.
now im rockin out to another song, which is more rockoutable by a zillion (my song is really chill and makes you smile/cry if you have ties to it), but im feelin too good now and im sooo rockin out. its fun. i recommend it to all.

my dream: lying down in a tub of icy-hot. oh man, my entire back. i'll settle for a backrub though. any takers? or food. if i can catch dinner, id be so happy. but alas, i didnt. and i wont walk to the student center or sac to buy food without anyone coming with me, and everyones out.

dude im gonna be eatin cookies and rockin out all night. or at least another 2 hours, then ill probably pass out. im pretty tired.
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