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procrastinating my last essay of the semester

awesome weekend. we decorated the tree. my brother did his usual: he puts all the pictures of him at the top of the tree, only below the star. he's the next most important part, lol. what a funny guy. he also asked for the biggest bottle of bailey's i can find for christmas, im so proud. i found out the handle of jd i got him he and his friends had on halloween, walkin the streets. apparently thats what all the kids do, walk around pretending to be into candy but really drinking the whole time. now im kinda pissed i never drank during my younger highschool years. oh man am i proud.

hmm the 5k yesterady was really easy, surprising since i havent run in ages. but hey that works. one more day of classes, 3 more practices, then some exams, and then i go home saturday night. i just have to study for a test tomorrow (who does a test the last day of class before the exam?) and write a 2pager tonight, then easy studying there on out. and driving down the 22nd for that exam, sa-weet.

everyday that im home from school, im at acme at least once. i wont even go anywhere else at all, but acme everyday. me and sean went grocery shopping again last night, and then i pick him up from work again today. and marissa is always there, i see her more than everyone.

oh! we saw pop today. me and mom were at the morris county mall after dropping off some of her old boss's books (again), and saw pop goin between stores (on sundays he does uncle jerry's bread route for him, and he's got the bs stop at the walmart there and then the foodtown). so that was cool.

giants and jets lost! oh no, what is this world coming to. ok, so giants we long saw coming, granted, but my jets? they were supposed to make me feel better about life. stupid steelers, too damn good.

why is it that once you know a secret you want to tell it? if it was some random statement someone told you, you might kinda what to repeat it haphazardly. but if someone says its a secret, oh man watch out. whatever i dont tell secrets, i just needed to vent. along those lines, some people are waaaaay to emo for me and i really want to say "shut the fuck up and get over yourself" but i think that's mean, even though what i think is totally totally true. but im good, its okay, it'll work out for them.
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