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so im just about done with this essay/exam. so today = practice on livingston for however long, bus it to douglass to hand in my paper, bus it to college ave to study/take my other exam today. then i can study for tomorrow's exam. i forgot to do everything for work, so i did it all yesterday and took time away from my essay to finish, then go over to the gym to hand it all in. bleech. i totally bs'ed it too. and i almost broke into the giant driedal. i may have spelled that wrong....i have no idea. i almost got locked in the bathroom, im pitiful. but good news!

i might get a house next year. how friggin awesome. i went last night at like 12:30 or something to go check it out. i have to pitch the idea to my folks, but it like costs the same so it should be good, right? and then that might entirely change my summer plans, and that could be really really cool. since its a 12month lease, and i'd be paying for summer anyway, i just might continue to work here all summer and get another job too, and live in the house. but the other people wouldnt move in until school starts, so it'd be my own friggin house. but my folks might shoot it down. maybe i could say i need to stay for crew or some shit. which i'd be doing anyway, but yeah. MEGAN IS THE COOLEST EVER. im so psyched about this. time to go finish my essay once and for all.
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