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will ferrel movies are awesome

im still tired from running today, and i finished a while ago. but as i was outside and exercising more i realized that i am still sick, and i felt it more. and another thing i realized: randolph and mendham have a lot of hills. i mean, iv driven on these roads all the time and biked on some, but you never realize just how damn hilly and how long they really are until you run 'em. dad wsa impressed, he was all "wow, that must've taken 2 hours!" and im like "....45 minutes." see, i only ran that much and i still feel sick. but whatever i cant be sick forever and ive got training to finish before florida. also, i made chocolate chip cookies from scratch, and they're damn good. i put in some kahula but it wasnt enough. whatever, just experimentation and they're great anyway. sean couldnt believe i was making cookies without the prepackaged mix and all, i guess he didnt realize cooking from scratch existed, lol.

Christmas has been good, a fun break so far. I got a nice pair of new running sneakers! very exciting. and elf on dvd. oh! and a new backpack so im not homeless anymore. if anyone remembers what any of my pairs of shoes look like, with holes and duct tape and brokenness, imagine a backpack just as bad, if not worse. every zipper broken, some broken off, and some zipper lines couldnt not close, and straps broken, etc. so a new backpack is pretty rad.

ive never had so many people ask me to get them alcohol in a day, that was yesterday. on Christmas Grandma had a few and was funny, but she loved my dessert and kept it to herself because everyone always eats it and she says she never gets it, so she decided to hoard it this time. Jessica's going upstate tomorrow with Landon and his family until Sunday night, and she's taking all my stuff. I'll be without my best movies and games while they laugh and enjoy in their little cabin. Sunday night me and Sean are going to the Giants-Dallas game, very exciting. And Monday is Sean's 16th, and my 23rd. Also, very exciting. New Years....tbd.

Best of luck to the Scout tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're the best!!!
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