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back too school

oh man i still feel sick. got off the plane LATE friday night, went home, ate a little something, went to bed, did not sleep and in a few short hours became IMMENSELY sick. did not sleep at all. do you have any idea how much i was looking forward to sleeping friday night, and how much i needed it?!? but i do have to say, it was perfect timing. wasnt sick at all training, and the worst was done before i got back to school. but still kinda sick, less though. yeah a lot less, whew.

tampa was crazy. intense intense intense. tuesday afternoon was scrumptrulescent, i really dont know what else to say. maybe i'll discuss later. im kinda tired and sore and sick now. i finally got my computer working. i dont know if i have a job anymore since everyones aware that they get sporadically bitchy, and i guess its my turn to take it. whatever not dealing with it now. another thing im not dealing with this moment: how i "failed" a class. i dont remember if i wrote about that ordeal and all, but i thought, i mean, i did take care of the problem of my teachers and not mine at all in any shape/way/ or form, but then suddenly once i correct her mistake she falls off the face of the earth, stops contacting me completely, and does not change my grade, so the f is still there. wtf. im going to the dean tomorrow or wednesday. maybe wednesday since its less busy.

major props to jj for helping with everything today. and we're totally gonna get the best housing next year (yeah, mom and dad rejected the offcampus housing so im in a dorm again, but it'll be with jj so its cool) anyway athletes get priority housing so we're in. ok what i've waited for on the computer is done so im out.
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