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10 Things You've Done This Week:
1. had a REALLY intense crew practice
2. been on a majorly crowded bus
3. listened to mucho christian rock
4. been made fun of for my country music
5. watched princess diaries 1 and 2
6. watched scrubs with jj for the first time this semester
7. talked to a few people whom i havent talked to in a while
8. made plans for KAELA and ALYSSA to come visit me friday!
9. hung with some cool people
10. eaten too much

9 of Your Favorite Places to Shop:
1. urban outfitters
2. thrift shops
3. farmers markets
4. kohls
5. walmart
6. acme/a&p/shoprite depending on whos working
7. independently owned & operated music stores
8. victorias secret
9. lady foot locker

8 of Your Favorite Scents:
1. autumn
2. the ocean
3. spring
4. good mens colognes
5. coffee
6. baking chocolate chip cookies
7. shauns car
8. clean laundry

7 of Your Favorite Beauty Supplies:
1. body lotion
2. neosporin (i get a lot of cuts/blisters/etc)
3. eyebrow tweezers
4. chapstick
5. eyeshadow
6. eyeliner
7. face lotion

6 States You've Been To:
1. new jersey
2. new york
3. michigan
4. montana
5. florida
6. wyoming

5 Restaurants You Like:
2. the diner
3. this one German restaurant, but i dont remember what it's called
4. YACHT CLUB members only down the shore. haha we got an in, and what a PHENOMENAL place with an awesome dj!!!!
5. ihop

4 special pieces of jewlery you have:
1. Doe's ring
2. a necklace I got from Jessica
3. seashell shaped earrings from a somewhat distant relative at Pop's funeral
4. bracelet from Aunt Pat and Uncle Bill

3 of Your Favorite Memories:
1. family picnics
2. tuesday afternoon off in fl with my crew girls
3. giants games

2 Talents You Have:
1. knowing every song on the radio
2. seeing good in everybody

1 Thing You Will Never Do:
1. lose it all....bukie'll know

seeing a speaker tonight, not quite sure what he'll be talking about. he rowed in the us olympic 8 this past summer, was in a rescue squad from central jersey for 9/11, and is catholic and will be talking at a church, so who knows what he'll say. then after we're going to the barn dance: country music, possible mechanical bull...im so excited.
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