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"if i had a penis, i would definitely be all 'hey check out my man meat!'"

that was said by Kuz, God bless her. there was a longer conversation about underwear, or rather the lack thereof, but that's just too long to put as a subject.

I actually did something Im proud of. which rarely happens in this particular area. i mean, im not self hating, but there are some areas in which i could improve, and im working on it and for the first time, kinda, following through with it.

too tired/sore to celebrate though. hopefully tomorrow will be relaxing after the morning practice. and today's 2k test...was...well we all did it and were close to our goal splits. i did better than i thought i would, but oh man it killed. i am not a sprinter. longer, like the 4 and 5ks, im not bad, but short sprints, definitely not my scene. still i did alright but will take it down at least 1.5 seconds within the next few tests.

found out today, and come to think of it past few days, some negative things about people, which is really upsetting, but what can you do. im over it though, and...i guess i just wasted my time with some people that i really shouldn't have. no harm done, its all in the past. i have solid friends now; good kids. life is good.

rika and i have totally different taste in guys.
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